Halloween Challenge, Day 3: Frantic (poem)

This is my entry for day 3 of the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge (3. An apocalyptic disease breaks out. What happens? ) hosted by Fluture over at Flutter by Literature.

Please join in! The more entries, the more fun for all!

The news has started rolling in,

Whole towns died in the night…

The cause has been found to be,

A deadly parasite…

It seems there’s no escaping,

As it keeps each one from waking…

And the only thing we know for sure,

Is that there simply is no cure…

No matter what it is you do,

Don’t dare attempt to take a snooze,

Just simply sit and hold on tight,

And hope that things will be all right.

You’ve made it now for several days,

You haven’t given in…

Your thoughts are forming in a haze,

Your patience wearing thin…

Everyone you know has died,

Yes, even little Sue…

No holding on, at least you tried,

Now darkness takes you too.

Well, as much as everyone likes to think a disease that creates zombies would be terrifying, I find a cureless quiet passing sweeping the world just as frightening. Want zombies instead? Find Zombies at Amazon!*

© 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net

Special thanks to JakeWilliamHeckey for the frantic image

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Published by Jim Sponseller

By day, a programmer of computers, by night a masked crusader on the front for justice! errr....erm, no. I do create art and writing for everyones enjoyment at mindescapes.net

29 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge, Day 3: Frantic (poem)

  1. I really do enjoy your poetry. This one, in particular, is bleak like something you might read with Poe, but kind of whimsical at the same time like Seuss. Quite the mixture!

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