Happy Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween! Thanks to everyone following along and anyone that considered joining in on the Monstrous Halloween prompt set. While each prompt didn’t receive an entry, there were a nice set of tricks and treats along the way. Catch up or revisit your favorites at Monstrous Halloween (ping-backs and comments): Have a Happy Halloween! MayContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2019”

The Witches Three – Poem Monstrous Halloween

The prompt for Monstrous Halloween for today is: witch I figured I would share one of my favorite entries from last year’s Halloween challenge I participated in titled ‘The Witches Three‘. Maybe it will make you screech in delight! ————— When ye host the witches three, Best ye feed them well… For if they leaveContinue reading “The Witches Three – Poem Monstrous Halloween”

The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween

Sally hated walking past the cemetery at night but sometimes life made it necessary. Like tonight, when she missed the last bus home. It wasn’t a long walk, just creepy. She was halfway past when the ground at the cemetery’s edge burst open and out poured a stream of ghosts. Boo! ———————— 280 characters. WrittenContinue reading “The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween”

Tethered Souls, A Darkish Poem for Monstrous Halloween

Carried on the inside, This demon deep within, Holds on to the dark side, Hidden by my skin, Hard to keep it trapped for long, Some days it must come out, Pressure building up too strong, The pain it makes me shout, Tables turned, it now controls, This body that we share, Goodness trapped byContinue reading “Tethered Souls, A Darkish Poem for Monstrous Halloween”