Halloween Challenge, Day 9: Zombie Divorce (story)

“Thank you for joining us, Mr. Festermeyer. Before we get started can I get you something to drink, maybe a snack from our tray here?”

Braaiiinnsss“, is all he said.

“Well, we haven’t any of those here. Why don’t we go ahead and get started. Ms. Festermeyer here has laid out her requests in this divorce. A division of assets from your combined household.”

“Let’s see here, she is requesting that she be granted the mausoleum where you reside. And there is the matter of alimony. Poor Ms. Festermeyer worked hard to make that place a home while you were off eating the neighbors. Surely she should be awarded a portion of your income, at least until she is able to get herself established.”

“Do you have any objections?”


“Ok then, if you’ll just sign here.” As the pen is handed over, with speed surprising for a rotting husk of a man, Mr. Festermeyer grabs my by the head and wrenches my neck, snapping it in one fluid motion.

Never meet with zombies!

The end.

This was my entry for Day 9 of the 31 Day of Halloween Challenge hosted at Flutter by Literature. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out my other entries!

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