Halloween Challenge, Day 31! The Creature Within (poem)

Halloween is now here, over soon though I fear,

But before it does go, better I think to show,

What lurks deep within, kind of my evil twin,

The creature I hide, harbor to its dark side,

Now the moon is quite full, this other half makes me whole,

I let out a deep howl, followed by a mean growl,

Better stay off the streets, cause I’ll roam for fresh eats,

Yes a werewolf I be, don’t want to run into me,

Till the moon wanes again, and I’m once more a man!


Happy Halloween 2018 Everyone!

Thanks to Flutter by Literature for hosting this fun set of prompts this year!

This is my final entry for the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge( It’s All Hallow’s Eve, transform into the creature of your choice)

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© 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net

Special thanks to SarahRichterArt @ pixabay for the eye image

Special thanks to Dieter_G @ pixabay for the werewolf image

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  1. Thank you so much for being such a faithful participate in the Halloween Writing Challenge. I loved your work and I think you’re a very creative poet so much so that I’m kind of jealous! Haha.

  2. It has been my pleasure! I enjoyed reading all of your entries as well! Looking forward to your future posts and challenges!

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