Halloween Challenge, Day 17: The Wrong Man (story)

I have no idea what you are talking about! Why do you think I am a serial killer again? What!? Just because I’m the only person that you know of, right now I might add, that had a connection with each of the victims, you think that makes ME the killer?

I’m connected to a LOT of people, what about all the ones that weren’t murdered! Isn’t that some sort of proof I don’t kill my connections! I’d suggest you do some real detective work and come up with something way more solid, like actually finding the killer because it surely isn’t me!

What’s that? Where was I last Friday at 2 a.m.? Sleeping obviously, is anyone actually up at that hour? Sheesh! Yes my dog can confirm that, she’ll even take a polygraph if that’ll help sort this matter out. A beagle mix, she’s a great companion and very truthful!

Am I free to go? No!? That’s going to make it very difficult to keep up with the Halloween Challenge that Flutter by Literature is hosting this month! I better get a lawyer?! Seriously, it wasn’t me! Can’t you just let me go. It won’t happen again, honest…

[The end]

This is my entry for day 17 of the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge (you are accused of being a serial killer) hosted at Flutter by Literature. Check it out, so many great entries!

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I hope you’re enjoying this Halloween season!

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