The Beginning

As a person with a drive to create, I created mindescapes.net to share those creations with the world. This has been a place for me to share poety, stories, and photos. Currently, I am undertaking an artistic learning journey as I pursue mastery over realistic art through the Evolve Artist program and I will be sharing that here as well.

Who Am I?


My name is Jim Sponseller. I am a middle aged man born and raised in Ohio. I am married to my wonderful wife Valerie and together we enjoy this journey called life. I am now on a personal journey to improve my artistic skill set and one day offer my services as a portrait painter to those around me.

What Will You Find Here?

At mindescapes.net, you will find various of my own created art works as I strive to improve my abilities and make a decisive mark on the world around me.

Have a look around, there may be something here for everyone. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like and do please come back often!

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