The Beginning

As a person with a drive to create, I created mindescapes.net to share those creations with the world. Originally starting with just some relaxing scene descriptions to allow workers to escape into their minds for just a few minutes each day, the idea for which the blog is named, it has evolved to include many things.

Who Am I?

wordpressGravatar James Sponseller, a middle aged man born and raised in Ohio. I am married to my wonderful wife Valerie and together we enjoy this journey called life. By trade I am a computer programmer where I create applications to assist our manufacturing facility in reaching their production goals. Outside of work I dabble as a wordsmith as well as a blacksmith. Both are hobbies in which I get to create and now with this blog get to share with everyone else.

What Will You Find Here?

At mindescapes.net, you will find useful information related to blogging, life, and anything in-between. You can sit back and relax reading through the various creations of poetry and prose or if you have several minutes and are looking for a longer escape, there are many fictional short stories to entertain all sorts. Last but not least, you can follow my journey back into the world of artistic blacksmithing as I rekindle the flames of this old love of mine. There will be informative posts for those of you interested in dabbling in the craft yourselves or who just want to know more, as well as posts just covering my progress and enjoyment.

Have a look around, there is something here for everyone. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like and do please come back often!




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