Halloween Challenge, Day 5: “Mr. Coffin”

Robot coffin attendant in castle beside casket with bat and spider.

Does your coffin keep you from getting restful daytime slumber? Does prepping your casket rob you of precious village tormenting time?

We have the solution for you!

Introducing Mr. Coffin®! The world’s first automated coffin attendant!

No more fluffing the cushions for just that right feel! No more de-webbing after a night of spider wrangling! No more cleaning up after your casket companions!

Not enigmatic but certainly automatic, with Mr. Coffin®, being undead has never been so good!

Enjoy a cozy coffin every day with Mr. Coffin®!!

(Now with auto-start timer!)

* To my knowledge, Mr. Coffin is not a registered trademark. Symbol used just to enhance this spoof!

[This is my entry for day 5 of the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge hosted by Fluture over at Flutter by Literature (Describe a vampires pre-coffin ritual)]

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Special Thanks to:

Fluture for hosting this challenge!

OpenClipart-Vectors for the casket image

bcogwene for the robot image

Castle background, bat, and spider by me

Word of the Day Challenge: enigmatic

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