Halloween Challenge, Day 14: Bathroom Elf (poem)

Each morning, in the bathroom, I’ve found hair on the sink,

I know it’s not mine since what I have is not pink…

I discovered today the mysterious source,

A girl with pink hair like the mane of a horse…

It flows down her back, nearly reaching the floor,

I saw it this morning as I opened the door…

When she saw me she fled, back under the shelves,

Has anyone else heard of these bathroom elves?

Need a last minute costume idea? How about a bathroom elf like the story above (or just about any elf)! Here’s the goods:

  • The hair!
  • The ears!
  • and a Nice Elven Dress to complete the ensemble!

This is my entry for Day 14 of the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge hosted over at Flutter by Literature.

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Special thanks to Ventus17 for the pink hair image

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