Halloween Challenge, Day 26: Mirror, Mirror (story)


On a stand in the corner of the bedroom is a full length mirror. Usually I don’t pay it much attention, it’s my wife’s and I seldom have reason to look in it.  In the dead of night a few days back, however, the mirror began glowing with an eerie light, waking me up.

It had been a long day and we were tired so I didn’t pay it much heed. I just grabbed a blanket from the closet and covered it up. The room returned to a sleep aiding dark at once and I went back to bed.

In the morning my wife asked about the blanket over the mirror. I shrugged, what I remembered seemed like a dream and I told her I must have been dreaming about the mirror glowing and covered it up. She chuckled a bit because those things just don’t happen, glowing mirrors that is.

As she removed the blanket from the mirror a shadowy figure reached out and pulled her inside. She screamed as she was drug into this unknown world. I ran straight for the mirror hoping that whatever gateway had opened through would still be there. I covered my face just before impact but ran into nothing. I had passed through. Looking behind I could see the window into our bedroom from where we had come but all around was simply darkness.

I heard my wife still screaming and struggling somewhere further on, so I took off at a run in that direction. Passing another window, I noticed our bathroom on the other side but I kept running, I had to get my wife. I stumbled over something and tripped, face planting into a surface I could not see. My wife yelped, apparently it was her I had tripped over. Without a word, I grabbed her hand and raced back toward the last window.

We jumped through, landing on the sink vanity together. I turned back to the mirror but all I could see was my own panic stricken face. I reached out gingerly, touching the surface of the mirror. The feel of the solid glass sliding beneath my fingers only a small reassurance. Not wanting a repeat of such a horror, we now have no mirrors in the house, at least none large enough to fit through. Getting ready for work with a dental mirror has certainly been a challenge!

[The End]

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This was my entry for Day 26 of the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge (a mirror that pulls you in to a world of darkness) hosted over at Flutter by Literature.

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