More Landscapes In Oil

Still going strong on my painting journey! I can’t believe how fast time is flying these days…

Here are some of my latest paintings, 18×24 inch in size. You can watch the painting of each of these over on my YouTube Channel: Plan to Paint with Jim Sponseller

Looking to rework my website here and gear up for selling these paintings starting early 2023! Exciting times!! Without further ado, here they are!

I hope you have a great day!

2022 – Jim Sponseller –

Arrrr! Nearly a miss, it twerr!

Ahoy ye mateys! Near a’missed this special day. A talkin’ and spoke like the sea farin’ folk. For it be “talk like a pirate day” far from them boats, where we drink and we make some oversized boasts.

Set yer gaze on this beauty, our sea worthy ship. A paintin’ so purty, makes yer eyes want ta drip. OK, maybe just mine so we’ll leave it at that, and I hope ye read on for the rest of this chat.

A new journey awaits, on these new fangled seas, of this YouTube world, join along as you please:

Thank ye much fer reading this yarn. May the wind be ever in yer sails!

2022 – Jim Sponseller –