Halloween Challenge, Day 12: Recent Nightmare (story)


Most nights I don’t remember dreams or nightmares really so I have to reach back a few weeks.

So the only, more or less, nightmare I can remember took place in some apparently random house.Β  I say that because I didn’t recognize the layout of the kitchen at all. This house was haunted by poltergeists. I remember being in the kitchen and the cupboard doors started banging and the drawers would open and shut repeatedly making quite the ruckus.

In this dream I was determined to banish these spirits. Now, I am not trained in such things, nor have I actually ever witnessed any type of exorcism before, so I am not real sure what I thought I was doing. Anyway, I proceeded to start to chant in some gibberish varied vocal tones and unintelligible words.

I never did find out if it worked, however, because my wife woke me up and wondered what I was making the gibberish sound about. Apparently the chanting wasn’t just in the dream. That happens with me from time to time. I think she’s waken me up for similar things, oh, 4 times in the last 4 years?

Well, that pretty much sums up my recent nightmare experiences. I didn’t have many to choose from πŸ™‚ So that concludes my entry for Day 12 of the 31 Days of Halloween ChallengeΒ hosted over at Flutter by Literature. A great site to check out when you have the time!


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Special Thanks to darksouls1 for the Haunted House image

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