Like A Past Partner, A Rhyme

Hearing boos throughout the night, Waken with a startling fright, Many sounds and creaks so strange, Quite a very recent change, Found a ghost has come to stay, She just appeared in our hallway, Seems I’m like her partner past, For she took to me quite fast, Guess I’ll try to play along, Maybe joinContinue reading “Like A Past Partner, A Rhyme”

Halloween Challenge, Day 12: Recent Nightmare (story)

Most nights I don’t remember dreams or nightmares really so I have to reach back a few weeks. So the only, more or less, nightmare I can remember took place in some apparently random house.  I say that because I didn’t recognize the layout of the kitchen at all. This house was haunted by poltergeists.Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 12: Recent Nightmare (story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 7: A Mummy’s Wisdom(story)

It was 9:45 a.m., October 7th, 1903 when I received the word I had been waiting for. I remember it like it was yesterday, will always remember it like yesterday, for that was the last of my days among the living. I had finally received a message from the archeologist I had been following. HeContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 7: A Mummy’s Wisdom(story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 6: Circus Ghost

A jovial limerick for day 6 of the Halloween Challenge hosted at Flutter by Literature. Join in on the challenge at any time!! I know of this one circus ghost… More scary, he announced, than most… Jumped out at some clowns… And they all fell down!… Laughing in spite of his boast. Special Thanks toContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 6: Circus Ghost”