Do Any Of These Live Under Your Stairs?, Monstrous Halloween

Pretty creepy, isn’t it. This is a picture of a house centipede. Very fast and aggressive little creatures that may run at you instead of away. At the last house we lived at, you might find one of these living under the basement stairs, or anywhere in the basement for that matter. I had neverContinue reading “Do Any Of These Live Under Your Stairs?, Monstrous Halloween”

News That Isn’t, A Poem – 3TC

Read the daily paper and your anger will quite flare, The stuff they sell as news I sometimes wonder why they dare… Often times misleading and very seldom true, I could go on and on until my face turns rather blue… But I must be going, must check out of this hotel, Head far fromContinue reading “News That Isn’t, A Poem – 3TC”

Halloween Challenge, Day 12: Recent Nightmare (story)

Most nights I don’t remember dreams or nightmares really so I have to reach back a few weeks. So the only, more or less, nightmare I can remember took place in some apparently random house.  I say that because I didn’t recognize the layout of the kitchen at all. This house was haunted by poltergeists.Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 12: Recent Nightmare (story)”