Night Time Thrill, A Bit of Prose

Vampires, Drinkers of blood, Hunters quite undead, Night fliers, Make terrors flood, People come to dread, Chasing you, You try to run, Getting desperate now, Options few, Soon comes the sun, Hold them off some how, Quickly hide, Light crests the hill, Villains fly away, Eased inside, Survived the thrill, You live another day. ———-Continue reading “Night Time Thrill, A Bit of Prose”

Halloween Challenge, Day 5: “Mr. Coffin”

Does your coffin keep you from getting restful daytime slumber? Does prepping your casket rob you of precious village tormenting time? We have the solution for you! Introducing Mr. Coffin®! The world’s first automated coffin attendant! No more fluffing the cushions for just that right feel! No more de-webbing after a night of spider wrangling!Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 5: “Mr. Coffin””

Halloween Challenge: Vampire

Here is day 29 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Vampire A bit of a fluff limerick 😉 [Begin scene] Up is his big stone castle… Lives a vampire who finds it a hassle… To go on down… Nearby the town… So never feeds on any vassal! [End scene]         © James Sponseller – mindescapes.netContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Vampire”

Halloween Challenge: Trick

Here is day 15 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge : Trick. [Begin scene] Our dog’s skills ascend as he learns of new tricks, But the latest does not involve retrieving sticks…   Instead it takes on a more hallowed tone, No, I do not talk of him burying a bone…   This new trick you see brings aboutContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Trick”