Turning Two, The Big Deal!, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Who knew such large crowds would respond to our open party invitation. Our daughter’s turning two today and so many decided to join us to celebrate, that airports were clogged the world over. Bustling with frisson, the boarding lines became a jumbled mess as everyone so eager to reach this destination tried to board first.Continue reading “Turning Two, The Big Deal!, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

The Last Drop, A Foto Flash Fiction

The war hit everyone hard. Our orchard was no exception. The apples were ready but the harvest was going to be difficult. Most of the able bodied men from the village had been recruited for the war effort. “At least we still have the tractor.”, my mother would say optimistically each day as we wouldContinue reading “The Last Drop, A Foto Flash Fiction”

Less Than Lethal, A Flash Fiction

The cell floor was still spinning. The variegated green tiles blending in a way that reminded Fred of vomit. The notion causing him to heave yet again into the nearby toilet. The sound induced vertigo had set in fully. The cause, a new, less than lethal weapon that Fred himself had helped to develop. WhyContinue reading “Less Than Lethal, A Flash Fiction”

Life As A Cat, A Humorous Tail *wink* – Monstrous Halloween

Technology is amazing! Why, even as I type this post I love it all the more. Well, ‘type’ may not be the proper term anymore since I am now a cat and must walk on the keyboard to post. I’ll get to that in a minute, anyway, I am just ecstatic that I can postContinue reading “Life As A Cat, A Humorous Tail *wink* – Monstrous Halloween”