Road Closed, Detour – A Poem Encounter

Driving down a well known road, Come to find it’s closed, Temper flares, does not explode, Yet still I feel we’re hosed, What’s that there, a detour sign, Surely that’s the way, Turn now left, We’ll be just fine, Just watch for signs I say, After just a little while, The road gives ways toContinue reading “Road Closed, Detour – A Poem Encounter”

Life As A Cat, A Humorous Tail *wink* – Monstrous Halloween

Technology is amazing! Why, even as I type this post I love it all the more. Well, ‘type’ may not be the proper term anymore since I am now a cat and must walk on the keyboard to post. I’ll get to that in a minute, anyway, I am just ecstatic that I can postContinue reading “Life As A Cat, A Humorous Tail *wink* – Monstrous Halloween”

Halloween Challenge:Day 1, The Witches Three (poem)

This is my Day 1 entry for 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge¬†(“You’re a host of a ghoulish party. What’s on the menu?”) hosted by Flutter by Literature. When ye host the witches three, Best ye feed them well… For if they leave unsatisfied, They’ll surely cast a spell… Young Hilda craves fresh eyes ofContinue reading “Halloween Challenge:Day 1, The Witches Three (poem)”