The Last Drop, A Foto Flash Fiction

The war hit everyone hard.

Our orchard was no exception. The apples were ready but the harvest was going to be difficult. Most of the able bodied men from the village had been recruited for the war effort.

“At least we still have the tractor.”, my mother would say optimistically each day as we would head out to pick apples. We would load them onto the wagon pulled behind that tractor.

This worked well enough, until that is, we drained the last drop of fuel from our supply tank into the tractor. It ran dry the same day.

We lost so many apples to rot after that, unable to get them all hauled in. It was enough at least. We made it enough, cutting back where we could.


Wars are hard on everyone. Hopefully most of us will never have to experience that first hand. This story only touches on hardships. For some, war brings the worst imaginable 🙁

This was an entry for the Foto Flash Fiction hosted by Donna McNicol on Fridays. Head over there for more interesting tales from this week’s photo prompt!

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Fuel tank image courtesy of D.B. McNicol @ pixabay

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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