The Secret to Wealth, A Fictional Tale

Michael loved mazes. So when he spied the book sitting on a table in his grandfather’s study, he just could not resist. He had been told never to touch the books in that study but he figured that was because old people tended to hide cash in their books, and he wouldn’t take any ifContinue reading “The Secret to Wealth, A Fictional Tale”

Jolly Roger Encounter A Poetic Tale

The fog was quite thick,still the sun shine was bright… It was hard to see in such nebulous light… We were on our skiff quite a bit from the shore, I had never felt quite so lost before… Just then, my love, she saw it emerge, Huge and slow like a drifting iceberg… Upon itContinue reading “Jolly Roger Encounter A Poetic Tale”

Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem

Yo ho, me mateys, have I a tale, Lean back n’grab ye some rum or ale… It shan’t take long, I’ll be right smart, Arrr, here we go, me’s at the start… T’were quite the night, on the briny deep, Them waves been rough, we’d not had sleep… From somewhere right close, we heard quiteContinue reading “Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem”

An Agreement of Foes, A Short Story

The knight entered the audience chamber, an upbeat tempo to his pace. “The dragon shall cause us no more dismay, my Queen“, he stated, stopping to bow before her. “So the dragon is slain then?”, She inquired. “No my Queen, we have settled our disputes, however, and the beast has agreed to leave the kingdom.”Continue reading “An Agreement of Foes, A Short Story”