Carpet Corral, A Rhyming Sunday Photo Fiction

The cry rang out from aisles away. “I’ve lost my toy! My dino named Ray!” So I rushed to the call of the little boy. Said, I know where to find your dino toy. He is guarding the carpet from unsavory men. Amongst the rolls he stands in the pen. The boy looked at meContinue reading “Carpet Corral, A Rhyming Sunday Photo Fiction”

Scarecrows At Play, A Sunday Photo Fiction Rhyme

Sun is fading fast, All the scarecrows now relax, Step down from their poles, Time to have a blast, While the sun is gone they play, Running out amongst the hay, Acting out some other roles, Till the sunrise of next day, Would invite you to the fun, But they fear you’d only run, ThatContinue reading “Scarecrows At Play, A Sunday Photo Fiction Rhyme”

Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Flowers again. Oh what did he do now? Judy thought to herself. Anytime her husband John bought her flowers, it always came with some confession. This time sunflowers, her favorite, were sitting on the table when she came home from work. He really must have done something serious but he was nowhere to be found.Continue reading “Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

Turning Two, The Big Deal!, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Who knew such large crowds would respond to our open party invitation. Our daughter’s turning two today and so many decided to join us to celebrate, that airports were clogged the world over. Bustling with frisson, the boarding lines became a jumbled mess as everyone so eager to reach this destination tried to board first.Continue reading “Turning Two, The Big Deal!, A Sunday Photo Fiction”