Life As A Cat, A Humorous Tail *wink* – Monstrous Halloween

Technology is amazing! Why, even as I type this post I love it all the more. Well, ‘type’ may not be the proper term anymore since I am now a cat and must walk on the keyboard to post. I’ll get to that in a minute, anyway, I am just ecstatic that I can post here as I’ve always done even with paws! The joys of the modern age!

Why am I a cat, you wonder? No, this isn’t a new identity phase I’ve entered. Nope, not at all. You see, last night I was cleaning up some limbs that had blown down onto my yard. I had just lifted a particularly long, unwieldly branch and turned when I heard an ‘Umphh!’.

There on the ground nearby was a broom and lying not far from that, a very angry looking witch. “You did that on purpose!”, she shrieked! She was quite inconsolable and would not accept my apology despite my aid in righting herself.

Once standing, still muttering about how I must go about knocking witches off their brooms daily, she got a glint in her eye. She started waving her hands and said, “You like to play with trees? Try it with whiskers and fleas!”


Now I am a black cat. Well, not a pure black cat. I am very fond of the little white patch under my chin. I think I look more distinguished with it. It looks like it might be time to start a cat pic gallery!

Time to wrap up this post and take a nap. All this dancing on the keys is more work than you’d think!

*curls up on the warm computer*

The end.


I created this post in response to the second prompt of the Monstrous Halloween, “A witch has turned you into a cat, how is that working out?”. Join in the fun at any time!

I hope you enjoyed the tale. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Word of the Day Challenge: gallery

Cat and computer image by Klinkow @ pixabay

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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