Turning Two, The Big Deal!, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Who knew such large crowds would respond to our open party invitation. Our daughter’s turning two today and so many decided to join us to celebrate, that airports were clogged the world over.

Bustling with frisson, the boarding lines became a jumbled mess as everyone so eager to reach this destination tried to board first. We apologize to all travelers for the congestion. We should have announced the party earlier to allow for more orderly arrivals. Please don’t take us to court!


It really is the birthday of the little girl we hold dear today. Turning a big 2 years old! She is such a darling too (I know, we may be biased 😉 ) to everyone out there also born on Oct 6, Happy Birthday!!

This was composed with the following prompts in mind.

Sunday Photo Fiction by Donna (photo courtesy of Barb Crews)

Word of the Day Challenge: frisson

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: court

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