Less Than Lethal, A Flash Fiction

The cell floor was still spinning. The variegated green tiles blending in a way that reminded Fred of vomit. The notion causing him to heave yet again into the nearby toilet.

The sound induced vertigo had set in fully. The cause, a new, less than lethal weapon that Fred himself had helped to develop. Why they used it on him here and now he wasn’t certain. There had been a coupe and he had somehow been swept up with the others.

The weapon was supposed to be more humane than outright killing but after this week, a bullet was becoming a very welcome thought. They didn’t even ask questions. They didn’t seem to be trying to sort anything out.

The sound ended and suddenly the spinning stopped. The jolt to clarity nearly made Fred hurl again at the unexpected change. The door to his cell opened and a man he did not recognize entered.

“Answer this question correctly and you are free to go.” said the man. “Who are we?”

Fred really didn’t know so he answered the question as best he could. “The new rulers”, he said.

The man nodded. “Guards! Escort this man out.”


Well, it isn’t the best wrap up for that but I didn’t want to see Fred trapped indefinitely and with only 200 words something had to happen quick. Good practice anyway! πŸ™‚

This story was written for today’s prompt image at:

Green Tiles Photo by GaborFromHungary @ morguefile

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019

Published by Jim Sponseller

Family man, father, programmer, and artist. I work with digital art, photographs, author poems and fiction, and also work in artistic metal smithing. You can find poems, photos, and digital art samplings at https://mindescapes.net. Thank you for your support! If you like my offerings and would like to donate, please buy me a coffee:https://buymeacoffee.com/jimsponseller

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