Raven’s Curse

Black as night from beak to toe, Saddled with unholy glow… Viewed in fear by those around, Reasons near cannot be found… Where death lies, I am drawn near, My solemn sound, it brings no cheer… Yet fear me not, I want to say, Is not my fault, I’m made this way. The poor raven,Continue reading “Raven’s Curse”

Just Relaxing, A Quick Poem

Nothing radical, Not much is new, Just relaxing, How about you? Well. I wish I were relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere. Instead, relaxing at home will have to do. Are you getting a chance to relax this holiday weekend? Word of the Day Challenge: radical Hammock on the beach image by Pexels @ pixabay.comContinue reading “Just Relaxing, A Quick Poem”

Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem

Bright colored leaves, Blue solid skies, Warm autumn breeze, Fill my minds eyes… Remembering clear, Of days not long past, Where color brought cheer, And the leaves held fast… Look about now, What do I see, A gray sky of clouds, And many bare trees. —————– The last couple of days around here have beenContinue reading “Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem”

Redemption, A Needed Poem

You can not earn redemption, It’s achieved by harder means, Accepting when it’s offered, Simply isn’t in our genes, We feel the need to struggle, To feel we meet the worth, A tit for tat debacle, That’s ingrained in us since birth, But I’m here to tell you, The kind but simple truth, Accepting whenContinue reading “Redemption, A Needed Poem”