Not Your Typical Watchdog, A Twittering Tale

“What’s the deal with your uncle anyway? He always has to over do everything!” “NORMAL people have a watch DOG, not a bear!” “The least he could do is call that thing off now that he knows we are here.” “I know we should have called before driving out here but really?” —————————— 266 charactersContinue reading “Not Your Typical Watchdog, A Twittering Tale”

The Pink Monstrosity, A Sunday Photo Fiction

“What is that pink monstrosity you have back there?”, asked Fred. “Truth is, no one knows. We’ve had the biologists from down at the university over. They think it may be some new species. It showed up one morning, cooing at my fishing boat moored at the dock and hasn’t left since.”, replied Bill. “Huh,”Continue reading “The Pink Monstrosity, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction

Johnny had been sitting at the old mining pits for 20 minutes now in his decked out 4×4 Jeep. The Craiglist Ad had read: Off Road Challenge Fri, 9/27 – 9PM @ the Pits Bring Your Best! So here he was waiting, 9:05 showing on the clock. He was hoping whoever posted that would haveContinue reading “Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction”

Bad For Business, A Flash Fiction

Jenny had just finished setting the chairs and tables up for the new day. She wondered to herself why she even bothered but knew the answer was the same as it had always been, her grandfather needed the help at his restaurant. She knew it was pointless though and it was hard to shrug offContinue reading “Bad For Business, A Flash Fiction”