Sunday Photo Fiction: Urgent Announcement

Urgent Announcement: Scientists recently discovered that the black hole at the center of the Milky Way is voraciously feeding and growing. As a result, odd gravitational waves may be felt throughout the galaxy. The results of one such wave apparent in the picture above. Please be on the lookout for massive waves headed your way!Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Urgent Announcement”

Jump start your day with this harrowing story of escape…almost!

We prisoners, now almost free men, raced through the canyon, intent to slip from the grasp of our captors. The red shirted man, a natural leader whom we all decided to follow, waved us forward into a gully to the right. Another canyon vein and still onward we tread. We had been moving through theseContinue reading “Jump start your day with this harrowing story of escape…almost!”

Advice (micro fiction)

“The next time you ask for my advice, at least pretend to follow it. I may not be able to bail you out next time!”, said his friend as they drove away from the police station. Thank you to Ichigo121212 @ pixabay for the cell image. Word of the Day Challenge: Advice Jim Sponseller –Continue reading “Advice (micro fiction)”