The Rude Customer, A Foto Flash Fiction

At a lovely ocean side cafe, my wife and I had sat down for a light lunch. The food was wonderful, the company perfect, and the atmosphere divine. That is, until the most rude customer I have ever seen sat down at a nearby table. “Waiter! WAITER!”, he squawked. “I demand service!”. I wondered whoContinue reading “The Rude Customer, A Foto Flash Fiction”

The Full Moon Rises, A Foto Flash Fiction

The rays of the moon beamed through the slats of the barn siding where Simon had chained himself once again. He could not be allowed to hurt anyone else and he knew of no way to end this curse, save death. He had too much hope for that. The transformation took him, snarling in painContinue reading “The Full Moon Rises, A Foto Flash Fiction”

The Last Drop, A Foto Flash Fiction

The war hit everyone hard. Our orchard was no exception. The apples were ready but the harvest was going to be difficult. Most of the able bodied men from the village had been recruited for the war effort. “At least we still have the tractor.”, my mother would say optimistically each day as we wouldContinue reading “The Last Drop, A Foto Flash Fiction”

Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction

Johnny had been sitting at the old mining pits for 20 minutes now in his decked out 4×4 Jeep. The Craiglist Ad had read: Off Road Challenge Fri, 9/27 – 9PM @ the Pits Bring Your Best! So here he was waiting, 9:05 showing on the clock. He was hoping whoever posted that would haveContinue reading “Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction”