Month: February 2018

Ebb and Flow

I know my posts have been less than regular lately. My devotion to many of my interests rather ebbs and flows over time. With winter here the last few months, there were very few opportunities to capture nice pictures for scenes. Dark and gray…

Happy Valentine’s 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I haven’t done one of these in awhile. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day!  

Haiku: Lecture

A lecture needed, Loud ranting given instead, Miscommunication.     Shouting image courtesy of     © 2018 – James Sponseller –  


With the world I sympathize, Wading through all of the lies, Leaders do speak, Their outlooks seem bleak, Yet they’re playing with all of our lives!       Newspaper image courtesy of     © 2018 – James Sponseller –  


Away without leave…  Mindfully dwell here each day… So much more to share.       © 2018 – James Sponseller –