Blank Page, A Familiar Poem

Blank page, sitting here, waiting for my touch… Words flub, ideas stop, sometimes it’s too much… Hang on, there it is, something now to say… Words flow, to the page, somehow saves the day. Sometimes a single thought just breaks through that writer’s block. Other times though, the struggle is real, as I am sureContinue reading “Blank Page, A Familiar Poem”

What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem

When walking they waddle, but now lie here still, These geese nestled soundly on this tiny hill… Resting up now for their upcoming trip, A straight trek due south as the temperatures dip… For now they seem to be enjoying the day, Probably hoping that trip‘s still far away. I suppose instead of the lightContinue reading “What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem”

The Pink Monstrosity, A Sunday Photo Fiction

“What is that pink monstrosity you have back there?”, asked Fred. “Truth is, no one knows. We’ve had the biologists from down at the university over. They think it may be some new species. It showed up one morning, cooing at my fishing boat moored at the dock and hasn’t left since.”, replied Bill. “Huh,”Continue reading “The Pink Monstrosity, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

Butterfly Frustrations, A Flitting Poem

Butterfly so filled with hunger, Flits from bloom to bloom… Wary of each move I make, My camera needs more zoom… I try to capture better poses, Yet my fortunes fade… With wistful glances I give in, And instead write this tirade. I tried to capture several photographs of butterflies the other day with nothingContinue reading “Butterfly Frustrations, A Flitting Poem”