Carpet Corral, A Rhyming Sunday Photo Fiction

The cry rang out from aisles away. “I’ve lost my toy! My dino named Ray!” So I rushed to the call of the little boy. Said, I know where to find your dino toy. He is guarding the carpet from unsavory men. Amongst the rolls he stands in the pen. The boy looked at meContinue reading “Carpet Corral, A Rhyming Sunday Photo Fiction”

Summer’s Morn, A Poem

Summer’s morn, slight haze in the air, golden rays shining through out… Breezes warm, this moment to share, peacefulness spreading about… Pleasure born, now feeling aware, time for the daily grind route. I find it hard to believe that August is already ending. What a crazy year this has been. I captured this serene photoContinue reading “Summer’s Morn, A Poem”