Open for Business (poem)

Open for business, come on in, Have a look around… Smell all the roses, walk a spin, Here the wind chimes sound… We’re glad to see you, sit a spell, Take the time you need… Want some assistance, give a yell, When you go, Godspeed. Tried to capture the quintessence of the old family store.Continue reading “Open for Business (poem)”

I Tried Reading “I Tried [this]” Stories Every Day for a Week, Here’s What Happened (rant)

OK, that isn’t a true statement, I actually did not try to read those types of stories every day for a week. I’m afraid my psyche would not have survived the experiment, hence the crazy “after” pic. I have, however, noticed a trend of those types of ‘stories’ popping up in headlines much moreContinue reading “I Tried Reading “I Tried [this]” Stories Every Day for a Week, Here’s What Happened (rant)”

Valuable $$ Content and You! (5 blogging tips)

One of the biggest factors to how large of an audience your blog will attract is how valuable your readers find your content to be. Everyone is aware of the adage that Time Is Money and few people will want to invest time in reading your content unless they feel equally rewarded or more forContinue reading “Valuable $$ Content and You! (5 blogging tips)”

Nestled in Comfort (scene)

[Begin scene] A bold blue sky on a warm afternoon… A growing season ended, the seeds of next season ready to spread… The hillside covered in plants, now drying in the autumn sun… Fluffy white down and stalks for building shelters, available for critters to gather… Ensuring a warm and comfortable nest to winter in.Continue reading “Nestled in Comfort (scene)”