Wanderlust dangers? Just Ask Kevin [story]

[Originally posted this fictional story on a secondary blog I started but will be rolling back in to mindescapes.net] The tracks continued on, running ahead through a tunnel of growth, obscurring what lay ahead. Good., Kevin thought to himself. I enjoy the suspense of an untravelled trail the most. Though his journey had already surpassedContinue reading “Wanderlust dangers? Just Ask Kevin [story]”

Blogger Spectrum

Irina, anime blogger extraordinaire, posted her take on the spectrum of anime bloggers. I am pretty sure it applies across bloggers regardless of topic. Why not hop on over there and figure out where you fall? I know I did! Check it out, then come back and read about where I placed myself. I’ll waitContinue reading “Blogger Spectrum”

Confessions of This First Time Blogger

I’ve been blogging at mindescapes.net for a bit over a year now and I had never blogged prior to that nor did I engage much in other types of social media. If you were to look at my dismal stats you would realize I am definitely doing things wrong and have a lot of workContinue reading “Confessions of This First Time Blogger”