Morning Musing : Raindrops (poem)

Rain drops on the window, A sound like tiny drums… Letting all inside know, By their incessant hums… The day you have ahead, Is filled with gloom and gray… So maybe stay in bed, Until it goes away. Just a little diddy of a poem this morning as I am listening to the rain outsideContinue reading “Morning Musing : Raindrops (poem)”

Sea of Clouds (poem)

This sea of clouds, far as you see, Who knows what lies beneath?… A quiet town, or winding stream, A grove of mighty trees?… Up here above, a world apart, No way to really know… At least until, the clouds depart, Revealing the lands below. I took these photos on Thursday when on a returnContinue reading “Sea of Clouds (poem)”

NaNoWriMo: Maps (write aid)

I would like to claim that my lack of posts this week was due to an unwavering focus on writing a novel as part of NaNoWriMo. Sadly it would not be the truth. In fact, I have yet to really begin. Oh, I have several ideas on starting but a major project at work hasContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: Maps (write aid)”