Halloween Challenge: Costume

Here is day 31 and the last for the 2017 JNW’s Halloween Challenge. Topic: Costume In the image, each spider is wearing a costume 🙂 I did not work the word into the haiku below however. I hope everyone has had as much fun reading my entries for the challenge as I have had creating them!Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Costume”

Scene: Peeling Away Time

[Begin scene] A calm day, the sky a pretty and deep blue… Puffy clouds drifting above the horizon, changing shapes as they move about… A tree, standing alone, looking a little ghoulish, like a mummy coming unwrapped… Its bark, peeling away with the passing of time, as sands slip through the hourglass… Underneath, new bark peaksContinue reading “Scene: Peeling Away Time”

Halloween Challenge: Leaves

Here is day 30 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Leaves I could not decide on a good way to draw this so decided to use a photo for a bit of fluff to go with this Haiku. [Begin scene] A trend setting leaf… Red when all others are green… Likely first to fall. [End scene]      Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Leaves”