Scene: Circle of Stone

  [Begin scene] On a quiet hill in Wiltshire, England stands a circle of stone… Massive light grey blocks stand in formation around a series of smaller blue colored stones… This formation is known to the world as┬áStonehenge… Its purpose known only to those who built it, it offers many inspiration and tranquility… Standing amongstContinue reading “Scene: Circle of Stone”

Weekly Recap #1

  For those of you that missed the happenings here at this week, here’s a brief recap: Added new scenes: Then There Were None Mums the Word Red Balloon Fall Fields Pampered Puppy Shooting Star Autumn Ablaze   Posted my first ‘quick ficts’ short story: Quick Ficts: Jonathon and the Werewolves And created someContinue reading “Weekly Recap #1”

Quick Ficts: Jonathon and the Werewolves

Quick Ficts are short fictional stories I write from time to time. I am going to try to post one each week. The topics will vary, right now with Halloween just around the corner, the next few will run with related themes. Without further ado : Jonathon and the Werewolves   Jonathon knew he wasContinue reading “Quick Ficts: Jonathon and the Werewolves”

Scene: Then There Were None

  [Begin scene] Dangling from the eaves of a small house is a paper bundle of empty pockets… The whites, grays, and browns of the papery substance arranged in a honeycomb like pattern… Once home to a thriving brood, this nest now lies dormant, abandoned… For weeks the yellow and black wasps would emerge fromContinue reading “Scene: Then There Were None”