Elegant Icing (poem)

Elegant icing on this tree, Lit with sunlight, a sight to see… Shimmers and shines before my eyes, Dancing with light, does mesmerize… Already the ice, is weeping fast, A shame such a scene just will not last. I always enjoy the view of iced trees shining brightly in the sun. * Monday Motivation- “SometimesContinue reading “Elegant Icing (poem)”

New Achievement: 200+ followers! (general)

I wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who has been following my blog here. Thanks to all of you, mindescapes.net has finally crossed the 200 follower mark! Stay tuned for more relaxing poems and fun fiction Also coming soon will be new interactive content! Thank you and have a great day! –Continue reading “New Achievement: 200+ followers! (general)”

Winter’s Parting Gift (poem)

Soft blanket of snow, A dusting of flakes… They sparkle and glow, These small frozen lakes… So bright in the sun, Our moods get a lift… The spectacle done, This last parting gift. This light dusting of snow greeted me this morning looking so nice in the morning sun I could only think it aContinue reading “Winter’s Parting Gift (poem)”

Ides of March (photo)

Beware the Ides of March…well, I suppose if you happen to be Julius Caesar. For me the Ides of March started with the morning sun shining brightly on the red brick of my home. I captured the perspective shot above this morning. I like how the mortar lines all point toward the teaser of whatContinue reading “Ides of March (photo)”