The Cactus Blooms, A Poem

Christmas is near, The blooms now flare, With holiday cheer, No longer bare, This cactus green, Waves flowers now, A brightened scene, It knows, somehow, It’s time once more, To light the dark, With joy of yore, Good tidings hark. ———————- Our Christmas Cactus, so named because it tends to bloom in early winter, hasContinue reading “The Cactus Blooms, A Poem”

Four Horsemen, A Tale of the End

Yet another nuclear bomb exploded beyond the mountains, lighting up the sky. The world had gone mad and fallen into war. The last war. The Four Horsemen, now summoned, were riding forth, the Apocalypse stirred in their shadows. They would ensure that humans would never again inflict such harm to the Earth and each other.Continue reading “Four Horsemen, A Tale of the End”

Political Poem, Limerick Form

There once was a man from Japan, Who divulged his stunning bright plan, A proposal quite new, To the voter be true, And on that simple platform he ran. ———– Guess we know this is pure fiction. OK, there are the rare gems in politics that actually try to represent those whom vote for them.Continue reading “Political Poem, Limerick Form”