Halloween A Year Past, Last of the Fun (collection)

One of the things I enjoy about some of the content I create is that it is timeless, as enjoyable now as when it was first unveiled to the world. This post compiles a collection of the Halloween Challenge posts I published for 2017, entries 26 through 31, the last of the fun. I hopeContinue reading “Halloween A Year Past, Last of the Fun (collection)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 31! The Creature Within (poem)

Halloween is now here, over soon though I fear, But before it does go, better I think to show, What lurks deep within, kind of my evil twin, The creature I hide, harbor to its dark side, Now the moon is quite full, this other half makes me whole, I let out a deep howl,Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 31! The Creature Within (poem)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 30: tap, Tap, TAP! (story)

The rain falling steady outside helped lull me to sleep. The clouds so thick no moon or stars would be making a presence over night. A sweet dream started playing in my mind and I was set for a restful night. Tap. The sound barely registering in my ears. Tap. As it continued, it broughtContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 30: tap, Tap, TAP! (story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 29: Witch’s Brew (poem)

The witch’s brew, a most foul stew, Concocted for a spell… What it’ll do, I have no clue, It wafts a nasty smell… Disgusting things, like fruit bat wings, And other creature parts… The witch, she sings, a raven brings, Some black and shrivelled hearts… She stirs in now, an ox and cow, The mixContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 29: Witch’s Brew (poem)”