Halloween Challenge, Day 14: Bathroom Elf (poem)

Each morning, in the bathroom, I’ve found hair on the sink, I know it’s not mine since what I have is not pink… I discovered today the mysterious source, A girl with pink hair like the mane of a horse… It flows down her back, nearly reaching the floor, I saw it this morning asContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 14: Bathroom Elf (poem)”

Christmas Challenge: Elf

Here is day 4 of┬ámindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017: Elf. Feel free to join in the challenge at any time! [Begin scene] Billy the elf was quite ashamed of himself, he didn’t know what he could do… He had tried to wrap gifts, became wrapped up with it, as he didn’t quite have a clue… NextContinue reading “Christmas Challenge: Elf”