Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem

Bright colored leaves,

Blue solid skies,

Warm autumn breeze,

Fill my minds eyes…

Remembering clear,

Of days not long past,

Where color brought cheer,

And the leaves held fast…

Look about now,

What do I see,

A gray sky of clouds,

And many bare trees.


The last couple of days around here have been overcast and gray. Most of the trees are now leafless from the accompanying nasty wind and rains. Then I remembered I had this photo I have not shared yet. I hope it brings you visions of brighter days!

Have a great day!

Word of the Day Challenge: nasty

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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4 replies

  1. That bleak time of the year. Won’t last forever

  2. Aye matey they colors they be fabulous – even when you be raking up a million leaves. We be getting us the gray now too, but we gots to go through it to get us to the other side. It be there waiting.

  3. Tis very true. Thanks Richard!

  4. Indeed, calmer waters past this ere rough seas. Keep steady yer course!

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