Raven’s Curse

Black as night from beak to toe, Saddled with unholy glow… Viewed in fear by those around, Reasons near cannot be found… Where death lies, I am drawn near, My solemn sound, it brings no cheer… Yet fear me not, I want to say, Is not my fault, I’m made this way. The poor raven,Continue reading “Raven’s Curse”

What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem

When walking they waddle, but now lie here still, These geese nestled soundly on this tiny hill… Resting up now for their upcoming trip, A straight trek due south as the temperatures dip… For now they seem to be enjoying the day, Probably hoping that trip‘s still far away. I suppose instead of the lightContinue reading “What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem”

Home Sweet Home, A Pleasant Poem

Home sweet home, that place to rest, Even if yours is a nest… Like this one here, perched up high, It must be nice for those that fly… Imagine now the comfort here, When ones you love are nestled near… That warming heart, and mind at ease, Sounds so nice, I’ll take one please! ThisContinue reading “Home Sweet Home, A Pleasant Poem”