Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem

Bright colored leaves, Blue solid skies, Warm autumn breeze, Fill my minds eyes… Remembering clear, Of days not long past, Where color brought cheer, And the leaves held fast… Look about now, What do I see, A gray sky of clouds, And many bare trees. —————– The last couple of days around here have beenContinue reading “Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem”

Like Autumn Flames, Flower of the Day

I liked this display of fiery variation, bright yellows and reds in front of the unchanging blue spruce. Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge for October 31, 2019 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Jim Sponseller – – 2019

Just A Touch, A Little Poem

Just a touch of color, In this world of green, Highlights on the cover, Of this autumn scene, Golden sun caresses, Wind does barely blow, Light blue sky impresses, Reflections from below. Keep this sense of calm, When struggles come your way, This pictured nature’s balm, With you, throughout your day. ————– This picture wasContinue reading “Just A Touch, A Little Poem”