Redemption, A Needed Poem

You can not earn redemption,

It’s achieved by harder means,

Accepting when it’s offered,

Simply isn’t in our genes,

We feel the need to struggle,

To feel we meet the worth,

A tit for tat debacle,

That’s ingrained in us since birth,

But I’m here to tell you,

The kind but simple truth,

Accepting when it’s offered,

Is a certain path to soothe,

So be open to forgiveness,

It’s available to you,

You already have the worth because,

God’s love for you is true.


The need for redemption is strong in most people as it is a need to find self forgiveness. Once you feel your worth has dropped due to some perceived violation, the natural appeal is to somehow earn back that worth.

It is a struggle millions of people face daily. However, all that struggle never quite makes you feel adequate again, and it likely never will.

What is needed is much harder, accepting the forgiveness and redemption offered to you out of love. You are worth the forgiveness because your loved one has deemed you so. Even when the loved one is God. Learning to accept this forgiveness is to learn you can move on. It is going to be OK.

I hope you have been able to accept forgiveness in your life and self forgiveness where it is needed.

Light streaming among mountains image by SamuelFrancisJohnson @

Word of the Day Challenge: earn (It really is what prompted this post today)

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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