Happy Father’s Day 2021!

Happy Father’s Day to the many fathers in the world! I have been enjoying the wonderful state of fatherhood myself! The photo above I snapped during a family hike at Cook Forest, PA just this week leading up to Father’s Day. My family brings me so much joy! Thanks for stopping by and have aContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day 2021!”

Longing For Tomorrow

Light spreads as lava, a fiery golden view… Another day is ending, a day I spent with you… Longing for tomorrow, so hard to be apart… And though this day is cooling, just know you warm my heart… Hoping for the future, when two can be as one… Yet cherishing our journey, a journey longContinue reading “Longing For Tomorrow”

Redemption, A Needed Poem

You can not earn redemption, It’s achieved by harder means, Accepting when it’s offered, Simply isn’t in our genes, We feel the need to struggle, To feel we meet the worth, A tit for tat debacle, That’s ingrained in us since birth, But I’m here to tell you, The kind but simple truth, Accepting whenContinue reading “Redemption, A Needed Poem”