Just Relaxing, A Quick Poem

Nothing radical, Not much is new, Just relaxing, How about you? Well. I wish I were relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere. Instead, relaxing at home will have to do. Are you getting a chance to relax this holiday weekend? Word of the Day Challenge: radical Hammock on the beach image by Pexels @ pixabay.comContinue reading “Just Relaxing, A Quick Poem”

Nestled in Comfort (scene)

[Begin scene] A bold blue sky on a warm afternoon… A growing season ended, the seeds of next season ready to spread… The hillside covered in plants, now drying in the autumn sun… Fluffy white down and stalks for building shelters, available for critters to gather… Ensuring a warm and comfortable nest to winter in.Continue reading “Nestled in Comfort (scene)”

Thankful For: Relaxing Massages

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about one thing I am thankful for. I invite you to do the same if you like the idea. Today, I am thankful for relaxing massages. When I am all tensed up from stressful times and knots in my back and shoulders have me beggingContinue reading “Thankful For: Relaxing Massages”