Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction

“Can I ride your pony?”, asked the little girl. “Excuse me? Little girl, this is no pony. I’ll have you know this is one of the finest horse specimen in Europe.”, the officer replied. “And we do not give rides.”, he added. “She sure is a pretty pony.”, the girl went on, “Daddy says I’mContinue reading “Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction”

The Problem Is Real, A Twittering Tale

The problem is real. Stats do not justify the hours poured into the daily posts. Like the leaves and flowers that dried up with winter, so too, has the inspiration. Posts dwindle, so do followers. Not this year, this year is different! Inspiration secured and nailed to the wall. 278 Characters for Twittering Tales #158Continue reading “The Problem Is Real, A Twittering Tale”

Fortune Of My Life, A Brief Poem

Bold new day, Suns greets us brightly, Trees barely sway, Gold touches lightly, All these pretty scenes, The fortune of my life, With everything it brings, To share it with my wife. —————- Thank you for stopping in and have a good night. Perhaps you will look on an early sun tomorrow just as beautiful!Continue reading “Fortune Of My Life, A Brief Poem”

Purple Petals To Suit, A Short Poem

Purple petals, grown here to suit, Fine fans so chic, aren’t they cute? Waving about in a gentle breeze, Inviting all of the nearby bees, Delicate blooms looking so dear, About to leave until this time next year. —————————– I like the solid color of these fine,thin, petals. They sort of look like folded fans.Continue reading “Purple Petals To Suit, A Short Poem”