Still Around, Still Loving Sunsets!

It has been one crazy year. We’ll see how things go for the next one. I didn’t get a chance to share this the other day, here is my first sunset photo for 2021! Hoping everyone has a better year… Read More ›


Riveting, Captivating, Stunning, Beautiful! Sunsets are just so pretty. It was a sunset and the serenity that led to me starting the blog. Wanting to describe and share such beauty and peace. I hope you all enjoyed this one! Jim… Read More ›

Summer’s Morn, A Poem

Summer’s morn, slight haze in the air, golden rays shining through out… Breezes warm, this moment to share, peacefulness spreading about… Pleasure born, now feeling aware, time for the daily grind route. I find it hard to believe that August… Read More ›