Halloween A Year Past, Another 7 Days (collection)

One of the things I enjoy about some of the content I create is that it is timeless, as enjoyable now as when it was first unveiled to the world. This post compiles a collection of the Halloween Challenge posts I published for 2017, entries 19 through 25. I hope you enjoy them! Here isContinue reading “Halloween A Year Past, Another 7 Days (collection)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 20: The Witch (poem)

A regular morning, head off to work, Yell at the traffic, some people are jerks… Once in the office, looking about, See Geraldine and I give a shout… Surrounding her cube is a low smokey haze, The logs of a fire are set ablaze… Over the fire a culdron is hanging, Stirring the pot sheContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 20: The Witch (poem)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 5: “Mr. Coffin”

Does your coffin keep you from getting restful daytime slumber? Does prepping your casket rob you of precious village tormenting time? We have the solution for you! Introducing Mr. Coffin┬«! The world’s first automated coffin attendant! No more fluffing the cushions for just that right feel! No more de-webbing after a night of spider wrangling!Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 5: “Mr. Coffin””

Halloween Challenge:Day 1, The Witches Three (poem)

This is my Day 1 entry for 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge┬á(“You’re a host of a ghoulish party. What’s on the menu?”) hosted by Flutter by Literature. When ye host the witches three, Best ye feed them well… For if they leave unsatisfied, They’ll surely cast a spell… Young Hilda craves fresh eyes ofContinue reading “Halloween Challenge:Day 1, The Witches Three (poem)”