Happy Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween! Thanks to everyone following along and anyone that considered joining in on the Monstrous Halloween prompt set. While each prompt didn’t receive an entry, there were a nice set of tricks and treats along the way. Catch up or revisit your favorites at Monstrous Halloween (ping-backs and comments): Have a Happy Halloween! MayContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2019”

Like Ripples In A Pond, A Poem

A single act of kindness, can spread profoundly wide… Like ripples in a pond, which can reach the other side… This simple gift to others, can come right from the heart… Even just a smile, can be the kindest start… Don’t sit there quite myopic, in selfish revelry… But take to mind this topic, andContinue reading “Like Ripples In A Pond, A Poem”

Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem

Gregarious, Birds of a feather… Flying straight south, A flock together… No room for others, Not even some ducks… Nor any raptors, And nothing that clucks! I always enjoy watching the geese fly by in the spring and fall with their effective and very recognizable ‘V’ pattern. Though I wish they wouldn’t stay so muchContinue reading “Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem”

Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem

Yo ho, me mateys, have I a tale, Lean back n’grab ye some rum or ale… It shan’t take long, I’ll be right smart, Arrr, here we go, me’s at the start… T’were quite the night, on the briny deep, Them waves been rough, we’d not had sleep… From somewhere right close, we heard quiteContinue reading “Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem”