Talk Like a Pirate Day (poem)

Shiver me timbers, how could it be? Missed me day, ’twas out at sea… Worry ye not fer I came just to blather, Come over closer or not if ye’d rather… Nary came back, twas a treacherous gale, Broke down me mast and ripped through me sail… Me crew and me thought we’d bested theContinue reading “Talk Like a Pirate Day (poem)”

Piture of the Day: Toadstool

This light tan toadstool growing within the verdant grass makes me think of a hut built deep within the jungle. That makes my mind work on all kind of questions. Who would live in it? What would they be like? How do they survive? Then I get an urge to start building a story toContinue reading “Piture of the Day: Toadstool”

Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year! This is the final round up post for our 2017 Christmas Challenge covering days 18 through 25. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was quite enjoyable reading what everyone came up with for entries! I must confess¬†that with all of the preparations for Christmas andContinue reading “Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up”