Halloween A Year Past, Another 7 Days (collection)

One of the things I enjoy about some of the content I create is that it is timeless, as enjoyable now as when it was first unveiled to the world. This post compiles a collection of the Halloween Challenge posts I published for 2017, entries 19 through 25. I hope you enjoy them!


Here is day 19 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Fog

Read slowly and let your imagination unfold.

[Begin scene]

A dark and old cemetery, shrouded in a heavy fog…

Unable to see through the thick cloud cover hovering around the stones you instead strain to listen…

A scraping sound permeates the air, the sound of something dragging…

A loud thud! just beyond the fog’s edge, what could it have been?…

A night bird screeches in the distance, the scraping stops in response…

Your fear begins to express itself as you start to quiver, a sense of dread imminent…

Unable to quell the feelings building inside you, you flee, leaving whatever was in there behind.

Safely away, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

[End scene]

I hope you found it enjoyable!


Here is day 20 for JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Potion, in a bit longer poem than I originally expected.

[Begin scene]

Do you think one of these potions,
Would help me regrow my hair?

I’ve been through all other motions,
Yet my head remains quite bare!

It would be so very easy,
To take of these potions and drink.

Yet my insides feel a bit queasy,
There is much to fear I think.

One of them could bring to life,
a creature from deep within.

Oh how that would cause much strife,
I don’t even know where to begin!

Another might make me fall in love,
with someone I would rather not.

It makes me cringe now thinking of,
with whom I would tie the knot!

I think it is quite safe to say,
I’ll be leaving these potions sit.

My head will keep its hairless way,
And my life, I’ll get on with it.

[End scene]


Here is day 21 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Decorations. This one also could be used for day 1 as one of my more favored decorations just happens to be pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns.

[Begin scene]

Very many options there are,
With a pumpkin to decorate…

I’d say that they raise the bar,
Just what fun you can create…

They can range from friendly and cute,
With a smile you cannot refute…

Others are ever so creepy,
And some just simply are sleepy…

With a candle inside, to enlighten their eyes,
They make hallowed decors complete.

[End scene]

I think I lost my rhyme in there somewhere 😉


Here is day 22 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Forest.

[Begin scene]

Lost! You don’t know how, the trail markers had been easily visible, yet you haven’t seen one now in some time.  If you hadn’t lost the trail you would have been back to the parking area and on your way home. Instead, standing here in the dark pine forest, the sun having set an hour ago, you fight a panic rising within you.

You begin to worry how long the batteries in your flashlight will keep going and are thankful for the little bit of moonlight that streams through the pines here and there. With nothing else to do, you continue to move in the direction you expect the trail to be, knowing you still should not be far from the car.

Then you hear it, a cacophony of noise somewhere up ahead. No idea what could be making such a horrible sound but recognizing it as a sound created by others, you head towards it at a faster pace. It continues to get louder as you approach, is it simply because you are closer or is the sound actually increasing?, you wonder to yourself.

Still hurried you begin to slow as you approach, hoping to get a look at the source before stumbling upon it. You are very close now, just beyond this next rise you are certain. Silence! The sound stopped and the forest stands deathly silent. You continue to head up over the rise, more cautious and aware of the sounds of your feet at each step. You can see there is a clearing ahead though there is not enough light to make anything out. You turn off your flashlight, letting your eyes adjust. There is no movement but you catch glimpses of moonlight reflecting off of a car. A car? This is the parking area?!

You move closer and can tell that the car is yours, no other cars are here. Something is sitting on the hood of your car. Too small to be a person and sitting too still to be living, assuming that any animal that size would have fled at your approach. You reach the car and see that a small rag type doll, its eyes sewn as ‘X’s’ is sitting there. It reminds you of ritual dolls you have seen from movies and gives you the shivers. Why is it here? Who put it here? Are you truly saved from the forest?!

[End scene]


Here is day 23 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard.

I hope my being a day behind for the last several installments didn’t bother anyone too greatly.

[Begin scene]

Graveyards are such interesting places,

I wander around and imagine their faces…

Who was Jon Smith or Betty Jones,

They once were here where now there are bones…

I think of just how their lives might have been,

How the world was quite different a place back then…

I also think of what future people will say,

Will they wonder of me in a similar way?

[End scene]



Here is day 24 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Skeleton

[Begin scene]

Reporter: Are we going to see your trademark moves in the game today?

Skeleton Player: Nah, coach benched me. Says I don’t have any skin in the game…

[End scene]




Here is day 25 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

[Begin scene]

The man in the moon looks down from the sky,

From this vantage point he begins to cry…


Why are they hurtful, why are they so mean,

These people of Earth, yes lots I have seen…


Somewhere among them I long to find,

All that are loving, all that are kind…


So share a kind word, find someone to love,

Be the good person he is speaking of…


If you can do this, even just try,

I know he will see you next time he flies by.

[End scene]


Hopefully ‘a good person’ is already part of your identity.


That’s a wrap! I hope you’re enjoying this run up to Halloween! Stay spooky!!

© 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net

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